Texas might be booming, but Austin is on fire. In 2016, Austin was the 3rd fastest growing city and #1 in the rankings for the most new home construction in the United States for good reasons. Not only is the Austin economy on the rise with unemployment dropping, but it also has a happening live music and food scene.

    Austin residents enjoy low cost of living with high home values. More and more families are flocking to this area, seeking the diversity and low crime rates. The city also boosts the 3rd lowest crime rate in the country in 2012 – impressive.

    Austin, TX is a downright awesome place to live. Here are some pictures to prove it.

    1. The food scene is booming.

    2. Like Torchy’s Tacos

    Source: Wally Gobetz

    3. Food trucks are a local favorite as well.

    Source: IBM Research

    4. Austin is known for its live music scene every night of the week.

    5. You can check out live music everywhere.

    6. From the Paramount Theater

    7. To the Empire Control Room.

    8. Austin may have a bit of a lingering hippie community of the 70s.

    Source: Alan Flickr

    9. The Austin metro is one of the cleanest and best performing in the country.

    10. Part of that is because Austin is invested in being a green city.

    11. Exercising is a norm around here.

    12. Yoga and barre studies abound in town, along with outdoor yoga.

    Source: Earl McGehee

    13. Running and biking trails are everywhere for citizens to enjoy.

    14. Austin is considered one of America’s Best Bike-Friendly Cities.

    15. Head to the lake for some water sports.

    16. Or, one of the over 200 parks in the area for families.

    17. Residents love to go tubing and paddle boarding in the summer months.

    18. Really, all year is nice here, with highs hovering around 107℉.

    19. Nature abounds in Austin.

    Source: Zug55 Flickr

    20. From forests to rivers and more, Austin has it.

    21. Austin loves their pets.

    22. Dog-friendly bars and cafes, along with open-play kennels are a thing around here.

    23. Kerbey Lane Cafe has dog treats on hand.

    24. Come on, this is adorable.

    25. Austin is the largest no-kill city in the United States.

    26. Austin cares about people, with the most charitable organizations per capita.

    27. Some consider Austin the next Silicon Valley.

    28. The tech scene is on fire locally with big names like Google, Dell, and Facebook.

    29. It’s home to all ages.

    30. Austin has a diverse age range, making it a great place to raise a family.

    Source: Ralph Arvesen Flickr

    31. Welcome to Austin, Texas!

    Top Photo: Flickr // Danny Shrode

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