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    Lawn Care in Arlington, VA: The Definitive Guide

    Read on for the best lawn mowing and lawn care practices for Arlington, VA and surrounding regions.

    Arlington County, Virginia is the sixth largest county in the state of Virginia and would be the fourth largest city. It is also the second largest urban area in the Washington DC area. With a wealth of government jobs, Arlington is consistently rated as the city with the lowest unemployment rate in the entire state.

    The Arlington National Cemetery is one of the main attractions for history buffs visiting the city. While most visitors come to this historic landmark to visit the graves of ex-presidents such as John F. Kennedy or to pay their respects to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the 624-acre cemetery is also a sight in itself with beautifully manicured lawns and gardens.

    If you are one of the 230,000 residents of Arlington, VA that would like to mimic the beautifully maintained turf that is present across the Arlington National Cemetery, below we offer four simple tips to help you grow a thriving and resilient lawn.

    Core Aeration Practices

    Core aeration is one of the most common lawn services Arlington residents must pay attention to, other than lawn mowing, of course.  You need a good soil to grow a quality turf. While regular fertilization can help to offset the problems that come with unfertile soil, cultivating a healthy soil is an essential practice that many homeowners simply avoid.

    Unfortunately, much of Northern Virginia has marine soil, which is a type of heavy clay soil that swells upon wetting and will shrink when drying. This type of soil can lead to land slippage and slope instability which presents a major problem if you have a hilly lawn, and makes lawn care a bit tougher.

    Furthermore, the shrinking and swelling of the marine clay soil can also lead to poor drainage. This, in turn, can lead to the appearance of algae and moss in your lawn. Algae and moss won’t necessarily kill your lawn.

    However, they will take over barren areas of your lawn where your turf isn’t growing well due to the compacted soil or excessively wet areas. The marine soils, then, will often indirectly lead to the appearance of these uncommon, though problematic, lawn weeds.

    To avoid algae and moss growth, core aeration is a lawn care practice that might be in your best interest. Core aeration is used a lawn aerator machine with hollow tines that mechanically remove plugs or “cores” from your lawn. This aerator is fundamental in helping to reduce soil compaction while also creating tiny channels where air, water, and nutrients can penetrate into the root areas of your turf.

    Because moss and algae tend to thrive in compacted soils, wet areas due to poor drainage, and lawns with poor air circulation, core aeration will help to prevent moss and algae in your yard while simultaneously helping to improve the soil properties where your grass is growing.

    While it is possible to rent a core aerator machine, there are lawn care and landscaping companies that can provide this service for you.

    Nitrogen Fertilization

    Fertilization is another important lawn maintenance practice in Arlington.

    Moss and algae growth also tend to thrive in areas of lawns that do not receive an adequate amount of nitrogen fertilizer. Signs of nitrogen deficiency in lawns include slow plant growth and the yellowing of the blades of grass, known as a chlorotic state. Without this essential plant nutrient, your grass growth will be compromised and moss, algae, and other types of common grass weeds or diseases are more likely to appear.

    A yearly application of high nitrogen lawn fertilizer might be a good idea, especially if your lawn has compacted soil or Marine clay soils. On the other hand, regular applications of nitrogen fertilizer might not be good for the environment. Chemical lawn fertilizer tends to get washed away during heavy spring rains, especially if your lawn is hilly. The nutrient runoff often makes its way to streams, rivers, and eventually, the ocean where it can cause algae growth, lower water oxygen levels, and negatively affect aquatic creatures.

    After applying a nitrogen fertilizer to your lawn, consider topdressing your turf with a compost fertilizer. As an organic fertilizer, compost will not negatively affect the environment as does chemical fertilizer options. Furthermore, compost is known as a slow-release fertilizer meaning that the nitrogen and other nutrients will be released slowly over time helping your lawn and the underlying soil to build fertility gradually over time.

    Dealing with Yellow Nutsedge

    An common lawn weed in the Arlington area is Yellow Nutsedge – it’s the Arlington lawn care pro’s worst enemy. This aggressive weed grows from tubers or nutlets that form on the rhizomes of the roots of the plant. It can quickly overtake a large area of your lawn, especially in areas where growth is sparse or where bare soil is exposed.

    One of the biggest challenges with Yellow Nutsedge is that there are very few herbicide options that will not also negatively affect your grass. While you could spray your entire lawn, kill off the Yellow Nutsedge along with your grass, and then reseed, this is both expensive and frustrating. Recently, certain herbicides such as Halosulfuron is able to target the Yellow Nutsedge without killing off your turf.

    Proper Lawn Mowing Practices in Arlington, VA

    Once you have your soil in good shape and have dealt with some of the most common weeds in the Arlington area, a proper lawn mowing service routine is key to a healthy lawn. Essentially, when the grass is growing, you need to be mowing. During the winter months from November to March, you should avoid mowing as this can negatively affect the lawn and even kill off the lawn through shocking the roots.

    In spring and fall when the temperatures are generally mild and your lawn is receiving enough water either through rainfall or regular irrigation, you should probably mow at least once a week. During the long, hot summer months between July and September, you might consider switching to a bi-monthly mowing routine. This will encourage a longer, thicker lawn with a more developed root system that will subsequently help the lawn to withstand the excess heat.

    If your lawnmower doesn’t have a mulching blade consider purchasing one as this will chop up the cut blades of grass into minuscule pieces that act as an organic mulch for your lawn that will protect bare and exposed areas of soil while also offering nitrogen to the growing grass.

    With a little bit of work and dedication, homeowners in Arlington, Virginia can have a healthy and thriving lawn that imitates the beautifully manicured turf of the national cemetery.

    Hiring a Lawn Service in Arlington, VA

    There are a number of reputable lawn services and landscapers in Arlington, but it can often be difficult to find someone reliable and professional.  For starters, it’s important to hire a professional lawn service in Arlington – not just a random person with a lawn mower that knocks on your door.  Then, you must decide what the most important factors are – reliability, price, quality, or breadth of services.  Some lawn care professionals may do great work, but have trouble coming out on the same day consistently.  Additionally, be sure to make sure the lawn care professional can park at your property.  Since Arlington has such small (or no) driveways, many lawn care companies will charge a premium because it’s difficult to park their trailer.  Make sure your professional does other lawns in Arlington to ensure you get the best price.  Finally, check references from other Arlingonians.

    The Top Rated Lawn Care Services in Arlington, VA 2018

    To make things easier, we’ve scoured the internet to provide recommendations for some of the best lawn care services Arlington, VA has to offer.  Please note – these lawn care companies are not at all affiliated with – these are based on publicly available reviews and recommendations from our readers.

    1) Anthony’s lawn service

    Anthony Ford

    2617 south 19 th street
    Arlington, VA 22206

    Anthony has been servicing the lawns and gardens of Arlington for many years know, and he has build up quite the reputation around town. Whether you are looking for a one time mow, full time, or seasonal services, Anthony has you covered. With Anthony’s Lawn Service you won’t have to worry about cleaning up your lawn, or making it look nice for the neighbors, it will already be done for you.

    2) Green Acres Landscaping & Masonry LLC

    Rod Elliott

    6010 N 21st St
    Arlington, VA 22205

    The only thing more beautiful than a green landscape is a green lawn that has stone borders and paths. Green Acres Landscaping and Masonry will frame your green lawn with the perfect rock landscaping. Whether you want a garden installation, or a new stone patio surround your in-ground pool Rod is a professional, and will be sure to leave you 100% satisfied every time. From planning to building, Green Acres is your one stop shop.

    3) Alvarez Landscaping LLC

    Fred Alvarez

    PO BOX 2331
    Arlington, VA 22202

    Arlington is a gorgeous place, easily one of the most beautiful in Virginia. Fred at Alvarez Landscaping does his best to make Arlington even more beautiful with his professional landscaping services. If you are looking to get a new tree planted in your front lawn, or an entire garden installation, Fred is your guy. Call him today to schedule a free consultation.

    4) Joy Landscaping

    Bryan Rominger

    1201 North Vernon Street
    Arlington, VA 22201

    Your landscape should bring you joy when you get home, not stress you out. We all get behind on home maintenance and that is when it is time to hire a professional like those at Joy Landscaping. Joy Landscaping offers a variety of services from lawn mowing to garden maintenance. Check them out to see what service they offer works best for you, and get the Joy back in your landscape.

    5) Jefferson Lawn Care & Landscaping

    Calvin Wiese

    2722 North Upshur Street
    Arlington, VA 22207

    Your lawn is as unique as the landscapes of Arlington, and Jefferson Lawn Care & Landscaping knows that. They are renowned for treating each lawn with a unique, and individual touch, and delivering passion into all of their services. Fortunately for you, they are always growing their business, and looking for new clients. Reach out to Calvin ASAP to schedule your first service.

    6) Adams Lawn Service

    Adam McFeaters

    2300 24th Road South
    Arlington, VA 22206

    Adam, of Adams Lawn Service is renowned in Arlington for the professional lawn care service he delivers. From the beginning blooms of spring, to the last fallen leaves of autumn, Adam and his team will make your lawn shine. Get a healthy, beautiful lawn throughout the year with Adams Lawn Service. So what are you waiting for, it’s time to get the lawn you have always wanted.

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