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    Top 10 Lawn Care Companies in Orlando of 2019

    If you’re wondering how to find a reputable lawn maintenance professional near you, you’ve come to the right place? Since finding a top-rated professional can be challenging, we offer a list below that ranks the best Orlando lawn care services based on our review of online customer satisfaction. 

    1) Davenport Lawn Service


    Eric Davenport

    P.O. Box 683425
    Orlando, FL 32868

    For most of us, we need a little help in achieving a beautiful lawn. That’s where Davenport Lawn Service comes to the rescue. Eric with Davenport Lawn Service has the proven knowledge and expertise for all lawn types, no matter how difficult the job may seem. Davenport offers weekly, bi-weekly and even one time mowing. So Orlando, choose Davenport to be your lawn care provider and Eric will mow your his way to greatness!

    2) Weeks Landscaping LLC

    Weeks Landscaping LLC logoJames Weeks

    3610 Clemwood Drive
    Orlando, FL 32803

    Central Florida is home to quite a variety of landscapes. James with Weeks Landscaping is landscaping company run by an expert with years of experience. Their name may imply otherwise, but I can assure you their service is always prompt and they will handle any job. Weeks Landscaping is a service company that will transform your landscape to the best on the block.  He offers next day service for nearby clients, and guarantees the best lawn care services or your money back. If you need landscape design, maintenance, or something else, give James a call!

    3) Danny’s Home Repair & Lawn Care Services

    Dannys Home Repair logoDaniel Phillips

    6716 Anoka Drive
    Orlando, FL 32818

    Danny’s Home Repair & Lawn Care Services is a one-stop shop for all your home and lawn needs in the Orlando area. Whether your house needs some mending or your lawn is looking a bit drab, they can fix it. Dan is the man and will ensure that the job is done right every time.  They will mow lawns till dawn if need be to get the job done.  The company does both residential and commercial properties.

    4) Kenneth Martin’s Lawn Care

    Kenneth Martins Lawn Care logoKenneth Martin

    3936 Semoran Blvd
    Orlando, FL 32822

    Kenneth Martin’s Lawn Care is one of Orlando’s finest lawn care companies, as business owner Ken only hires true American lawn care professionals. His lawn care techniques are cutting edge and some of the best in the business. Kenneth Martin is a highly regarded name when it comes to  lawn care in the Seminole state and will finish any job from weed control to lawn irrigation with pride. For residential or commercial properties, give Kenneth a call.

    5) Florida

    Florida logoAshley Luthy

    21 W Yale St
    Orlando, FL 32804

    With a name like Florida, you can be sure that Ashley Luthy knows about Orlando’s lawn care needs. Ashley’s knowledge of Orlando and its lawns are a combination for success. For further information on Florida’s lawn mowing service, residential landscaping, or irrigation repair, contact Ashley for a free estimate.  Florida is one of the most regarded lawn services Orlando has to offer.

    6) Lawn N’ Order, Inc.

    Lawn N' Order, Inc. logoJared Walker

    2040 N. Rio Grande Ave Suite C
    Orlando, FL 32804

    Do you need help getting your lawn under control? Well, look no further because Jared Walker with Lawn N’ Order will bring your lawn the justice it deserves! These guys are some of Orlando’s best lawn care experts and are guaranteed to restore the peace in your yard.  Whether you live on Ocoee, Longwood, Windermere or Orlando FL Jared will knock your socks off.  

    7) Grass Man

    Grass Man logoGreg Gilliard

    13561 Buckhorn Run Ct
    Orlando, FL 32837

    Orlando’s Grass Man, Greg Gilliard knows his grass. Whatever state your grass may be in, Greg will handle it with precision and ease. The Grass Man’s attention to detail and great service will get your grass where it needs to be.  Additionally, Greg is friendly and patient – he’ll take the time to educate you on how to achieve a great lawn and on what landscaping services you need. Grass man services Altamante Springs, East Orlando, and areas north of Colonial Drive.  Call Greg and rest assured you’re getting one of the best lawn services Orlando has to offer.

    8) Cleanland

    Cleanland logoMichael Irizarry

    8609 Fulton Ct
    Orlando, FL 32835

    Sometimes life gets messy, but luckily Michael Irizarry with Cleanland is there to pick it up. Junk in the yard? Cleanland can help. Weeds growing out of control? Cleanland can help that too. Michael will clean any mess that he encounters and give you a Cleanland of your own.  If you need tree service, lawn mowing, shrub care or anything else, Michael is your lawn guy of choice.  

    9) Top Cut Lawn Care

    Top Cut Lawn Care logoDon Lonze

    3746 Spear Point Dr.
    Orlando, FL 32837

    When it comes to being the best, Don Lonze and Top Cut Lawn Care do not disappoint. Their team always provides great service in a timely manner. Top Cut Lawn Care is truly a cut above the competition and their work will speak for itself.  If you need tree trimming, bushes, shrub care, or other landscaping work, Don can handle it.  Top Cut services Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Winter Park and more. Don is well known for his work in the seminole state.

    10) Taulman Services LLC

    Taulman Services LLC logoNate Taulman

    8149 Moritz Ct
    Orlando, FL 32825

    Nate Taulman has been in the lawn care business for a long time.  He services Ocoee, Winter Garden, Altamonte Springs and Orlando.  He also performs tree trimming, sprinkler system repair, and pressure washing upon request.  He has an overall rating of 4.8 / 5 across review platforms! For a green lawn and quality service at an affordable price, give Nate a call.


    How to hire the best lawn service Orlando, FL has to offer

    Orlando’s rainy weather can make DIY lawn care difficult. With average annual precipitation of 53.19 inches, you’ll have to check Orlando weather ahead of time so you don’t overwater your lawn or mow wet grass. Also, you’ll need to force yourself either early in the morning or after work to water your lawn when temperatures get hot. That’s why many Orlando residents in search of a great lawn choose the next best option: hiring a lawn service professional.

    Beyond simply having your grass cut, professional lawn care services offer important lawn treatment services that range from pest control to aeration and fertilization. It’s also wise in general to have an expert evaluate how much lawn maintenance your property needs. Additionally, there are some good tips to bear in mind when choosing a lawn care service in Orlando.

    So how to go about ensuring that you hire the best lawn service Orlando, FL has to offer? The first thing is to hire an actual lawn service professional, not your neighbor’s teenage son or someone who can only offer a mower and a truck. Although hiring amateurs may seem frugal, their lack of expertise will result in a neglected and unprepared lawn in the long-term, such as failing to identify diseases and pests early. 

    The second tip is to hire a fully-insured lawn service providers. This will free you from any anxiety in case a pro damages your property.

    Finally, you should consider organizing your neighbors together and request a bulk discount from a lawn care company. Landscapers will likely offer lower prices if several jobs can be completed with just one visit to a neighborhood because they profit more from the time saved on their schedules. Furthermore, landscapers are held to greater accountability for quality work since you and your neighbors will be able to compare lawns afterward.

    About Wikilawn

    Wikilawn strives to be the #1 resource about lawn care in your region.  From in-depth soil guides to lists of the top lawn care pros near you’ we’ve got you covered.

    Fun Facts

    What is the average price of lawn mowing in Orlando, FL? 

    Lot SizeWeekly PriceBiweekly Price
    <1/8 acre$34.40$47.38
    <1/4 acre$48.77$56.09
    <1/3 acre$59.50$68.42
    <1/2 acre$72.59$83.49

    How do Orlando residents take care of their lawns?

    I do it myself43%
    I hire a professional32%
    My kids do it15%
    More than 1 of the above4%

    Source: Online survey of Orlando, FL residents.

    How long do you prefer your grass cut?

    Very Short22%

    Source: Online survey of Orlando, FL residents.

    How does the price of lawn mowing vary between Orlando and other cities in Central Florida?

    CityLot SizePrice
    Orlando7,700 sq ft$36.20
    Ocoee8,200 sq ft$37.90
    Davenport6,900 sq ft$34.41
    Apopka7,900 sq ft$39.01
    Altamonte Springs7,950 sq ft$31.10


    Did you know?

    Mowing your lawn for 30 minutes can burn approximately 186 calories. It also generates a healthy sweat as long as you stay hydrated!

    Popular Landscaping Plants in Orlando, FL

    *All photos on the Wikilawn website are free for commercial or non-commercial use. Visual attribution is required.

    Canna Lily

    ‘Red King Humbert’

    Canna x generalis


    EverColor® ‘Everoro’

    Carex oshimensis

    Leopard Plant

    Farfugium japonicum

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