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    The Top 13 Lawn Care Services in Austin, TX 2019

    If you’re one of the many Austinites that would prefer to drink a beer at Jester King or hit Lake Austin on a Saturday over lawn maintenance, you’re not alone.  Here are 13 reputable lawn services in Austin, TX that we’ve compiled from public reviews that can help you out.  Note that is in no way affiliated with these lawn care companies, and we do not endorse their services.  Be sure to do your homework.

    1) Texas Lawn Services

    Texas Lawn Services logoBrad Weyant

    PO Box 80644
    Austin, TX 78708

    Based in Austin, Texas, Texas Lawn Services is headed by Brad Weyant, a professional landscaper. Brad’s lawn care services are renowned for being reliable and fairly priced. Texas Lawn Services offers services specifically designed for the unique Texas climate. When it comes to caring for your Texas lawn, Texas Lawn Services can’t be beaten.  TLS services north Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, and Cedar Park.

    2) Terra Systems

    Terra Systems logoBrian Rewis

    Po Box 142233
    Austin, TX 78714

    Brian, owner of Terra Systems runs a tight crew. His irrigation and lawn care services are tailored for the Austin, Texas Region. Whatever your irrigation needs are, whether a drip system for your garden beds or a sprinkler system for your lawn, Brian has a solution.  Brian brings years of experience when it comes to taking care of your lawn.  He services Austin, Round Rock, and Cedar Park.

    3) Northwest Lawn Services LLC

    Northwest Lawn Services LLC logoPaul Lebus

    11609 Sherwood Forest
    Austin, TX 78759

    Whether you are in northern or southern Austin, Northwest Lawn Services is your premier lawn care service. Paul has years of experience when it comes to making your front and back yard look great. Their services range from basic lawn care services like mowing lawns, to larger tasks such as sodding, fertilizing, or commercial services. Whatever your needs big or small, Northwest Lawn Services is here to deliver a quality lawn and great customer service.

    4) Green Land Management

    Green Land Management logoCody Rouquette

    7123 Scenic Brook Dr.
    Austin, TX 78736

    One of the best landscaping companies in the Austin area is Green Land Management. Xeriscapes, palm tree and cacti care, tree service, and irrigation systems are just a few of the services offered by Cody’s lawn care crew. With over 12 years experience in the landscape industry, Green Land Management is passionate about lawn care and exceeding your expectations. Whether you need lawn maintenance, leaf removal,  or landscaping services, Green Land Management can be trusted to handle your lawn care needs.

    5) Elite Services

    Elite Services logoMatthew Kelty

    7720 Navarro Pl
    Austin, TX 78749

    When it comes to lawn care, you can’t get better than Elite Services. Elite Services is a complete lawn care service based in Austin Texas. Servicing the lawns of Austin and its suburbs since its beginning, Elite Services has the lawn care package you are looking for. Get the lawn care or tree service you need and more with Elite Services.  Matthew does both recurring and one-time services and he’ll make your greenlawn dreams a reality.

    6) Gomez Landscaping

    Gomez Landscaping logoSheri Collett

    2314-B Ferguson Lane
    Austin, TX 78754

    Is your lawn getting a little high? Looking for a great lawn care service in the Austin area? Well look no further. Gomez Landscaping is a quality Austin lawn care service with a name you can trust. From cleaning flowerbeds to tree trimming, there aren’t many home services they don’t offer. Best of all, they have the experience it takes to make your Texas lawn the gem you dream of. When you are ready to take your yard to the next level, call Gomez Landscaping for a free quote. 

    7) Lawn Sculptors

    Lawn Sculptors logoShane Harkin

    P.O. Box 80281
    Austin, TX 78708

    Want a lawn care company that goes a cut above? Shane from Lawn Sculptors is equipped to offer you just that. Since Lawn Sculptures was established in 1991, Shane and his team have been offering professional-level lawn care services. One of the most unique services among the many they offer, are their awesome stonescapes and stone structures. If you want the unique Austin lawn that you have always dreamed of, you can trust Shane and his crew to deliver it to you.

    8) South Austin Lawn Care

    South Austin Lawn Care logoBenjamin Ormand

    Austin, TX

    If you are in southern Austin and want lawn care service specifically tailored to your area, look no further than South Austin Lawn Care. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure about what to do with your lawn. South Austin Lawn Care can do everything from pest control to topdressing to tree trimming  to weed control and does an excellent job at it.  Benjamin has the vision to help you get the most out of your property, at an affordable price.

    9) Austin Tree and Lawn Service

    Austin Tree and Lawn Service logoSalvador Velez

    Austin, TX

    Worried about that dangerous tree near your home? Need some dead branches pruned from your trees before they cause damage? Don’t wait until it’s too late, handle your tree work with Austin Tree and Lawn Service. Tree damage can be a costly expense to your home and gardens, get in touch with Salvador and get it handled. They are a service company that provides professional lawn care, tree service and landscape services done to customer satisfaction.

    10) Perfect Lawns and Landworks of Austin 

    Perfect Lawns and Landworks of Austin logoTal Sprinkles

    2501 North Cuernevaca
    Austin, TX 78733

    You can’t beat perfect and if you are looking for a perfect lawn there’s one option. Perfect Lawns and Landworks of Austin. Perfect Lawns starts by producing a professionally designed landscape architecture plan. Once you have agreed on a design Tal and crew will execute it, perfectly. No doubt about it, Tal’s lawn services are unmatched.

    11) The Grounds Guys of Austin

    The Grounds Guys of Austin logoDavid Klein

    5703 1/2 McNeil Drive
    Austin, TX 78727

    The Grounds Guys of Austin is the premier choice for landlords in Austin. If you own a commercial business or multiple properties, you want your lawn care handled on time, every time. There is no room for excuses, your time is precious. That is exactly what you will find with The Ground Guys. Timely, large-scale service, and top of the line customer service.

    12) Lawn-Mat Lawn Care Services

    Lawn-Mat Lawn Care Services logoMatthew Comer

    2601 Redleaf Lane
    Austin, TX 78745

    Your lawn should be a welcoming feature, not an eyesore. Turn your lawn into a welcome mat with Lawn-Mat Lawn Care Services. No matter what your lawn looks like today, it can be repaired! Get that amazing lawn that you have always wanted, and get in touch with Matthew ASAP.

    13) Trim and Proper

    Trim and Proper logoRandall Kopp

    2001 Melridge Pl
    Austin, TX 78704

    The lawn care specialists as Trim and Proper are obsessed with detail. No blade of grass is left uneven, no branch will be out of place, every inch of your lawn will be prim and proper with Trim and Proper. If you are obsessed with a perfectly manicured lawn, Randall and his team are here to offer you just that!

    How to Hire the Best Lawn Service Austin, TX has to offer

    Austin is a pretty cool city.  It’s also really hot.  The combination of these two facts means that many Austinites prefer to hire a professional Austin lawn service over doing their own yard work.

    If you’re going to hire a lawn service, be sure to hire one of Austin’s established, professional landscaping companies – not a high school kid or some guy with a truck.  The latter might save you money in the short run, but damage your lawn or cause you a ton of headache.

    Be sure to check reviews and ask for references.  Additionally, get quotes for not just lawn mowing, but all the other lawn maintenance tasks required in Austin: fertilization, bush trimming, aeration, overseeding, ect.  Some companies are just lawn mowing services – they don’t necessarily do these services.

    Finally, ask for proof of insurance.  The last thing you want is to be liable for damage caused by your lawn care company (these things do happen).

    Your QuickStart Guide to Lawn Care in Austin, TX

    Lawn mowing in Austin is hard.  Austin, Texas is located in the central part of the state with a hot brutal summer, a reasonably cold winter, and all sorts of lawn care challenges related to the soil and climate.  Plus, from spending a day at Zilker park, to paddleboarding on Ladybird Lake, to catching a show at ACL Live – there are lots of fun distractions around.

    This guide distills the important concepts related to lawn care in Austin, TX so you can have your lawn looking its best.

    When does lawn care season start in Austin?

    While Austin is much warmer than most climates in the US, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t seasonality when it comes to lawn care.

    Typically the lawn care season really starts around spring-time.  Since we have warm season grasses here in Austin, they don’t grow a whole lot over winter, but by the end of March, most lawns have started to grow.  Typically most homeowners will get biweekly this time of year, or weekly if they water regularly or there is more than average rain.  This time of year also coincides with ‘cedar fever’ season, which is caused by pollen from the Ashe Juniper tree.  With all the leaf blowers and lawn mowers in use, it can be a rough time for those Austin residents who suffer from allergies.

    By summer, the pollen is gone and grass continues to grow, that is unless there is little rain and hot sun.  Often grass growth will slow and some homeowners need to slow their mowing frequency.

    By fall, things are back to where they are in springtime, minus all the pollen.  Then as the transition into winter happens, some will cease mowing all-together while others will mow their lawn once a month.

    Lawn Mowing in Austin

    Growing season doesn’t end for long in Austin, meaning that lawn mowing is a year-round task. You should plan to continue to mow your grass throughout the fall, and sometimes monthly through winter if it is a typical moderate Austin winter. Continue to mow because it helps to control the weeds and increase the density of your grass. Lower your blades down to 2 to 2.5 inches which allows more sunlight to reach the crown of your grass.

    It is important to know the recommended mowing height for your grass type.  Here are mowing heights for popular grass types in Austin, TX.

    • Augustine – 2 to 2.5 inches
    • Bermudagrass – 1 to 2 inches
    • Zoysia – 1.5 to 2.5 inches
    • Buffalo Grass – 2 to 4 inches

    You will need to mow bi-weekly during October and November. Then, plan to mow once a month in December, January, and February to keep your lawn looking nice. Remember to raise your mowing height to help insulate the root system of the grass. Plan to let it grow to the maximum recommended height.

    The proper maintenance of your lawn mower is essential as well. Plan to sharpen the blades once a year. Otherwise, your lawn mower might rip and tear your grass rather than cut which can cause the grass to be vulnerable to pests and diseases. Raise or lower your blades, depending on the time of you. If it has been a while, get a tune up done by a professional to keep it running properly.

    Core Aeration in Austin – Wait Until Fall

    Fall is one of the best times to aerate your lawn. Core aeration is a process that prevents soil from becoming too compacted and covered with thatch, which is a layer of roots, stems, and debris that stops water, air, and nutrients from reaching the soil. Core aeration gives your lawn an optimal chance to receive nutrients and water that are necessary to grow all year.

    If you forget to aerate in the fall, don’t fret! Spring is a good time as well before the major growing season starts. You can rent aerators at the store, purchase tools to do it yourself or hire a professional. Because it is a time-consuming process, aeration is commonly outsourced to professional lawn services.

    Overseeding: an Austin lawn’s best friend

    After a hot, dry summer, you may need to overseed your lawn. Overseeding is when you fill in bare spots or plant grass seed in a thinned yard. Grass takes damage when the weather is extreme, and it also can take place after a rough winter. Abnormally cold winters can kill your grass.

    You have to plan the best time to plant grass to ensure it establishes before the temperatures increase during the summertime. Austin homeowners should plant grass seed in the spring or the fall. It is too hot to plant in the summer. The fall work as well because both seasons offer cooler temperatures and moist soil.

    Here are some tips for the best results during overseeding.

    • Mow your existing lawn as short as possible, which will allow the new grass to take over.
    • Take the grass to remove any dead grass or debris. Grass seeds need to come in contact with soil to germinate.
    • Sow by hand or use a spreader. Make sure you try to spread the seeds evenly.
    • Water the grass seeds until the soil is moist, but not soggy. Make sure you continue to water once per day.

    The 5 Popular Grass Types in Austin, TX

    There are a few different grass types for Austin, TX, and the ultimate decision is up to you. Here are the top choices for residential owners.

    St. Augustine

    st augustine grass Free for commercial or non-commercial use. Visual attribution is required.

    The most popular grass type in Austin is St. Augustine for several reasons. St. Augustine grass grows fast and tolerates shade. It doesn’t mind the warm weather so that this grass can handle scorching temperatures. You can use plugs and sods to plant and make sure you install during early spring.

    A negative to consider is that St. Augustine requires more maintenance than other varieties. You need to fertilize four times per year and water frequently, especially throughout drought periods. Installing an irrigation system is wise. You also must plan to mow frequently to avoid thatch buildup.


    Bermudagrass is a common pick for Austin lawns, suited perfectly for central Texas climate. Residents select this variety, but you can find it on football fields as well. It offers rugged resilience and disease resistance.

    You do need to make sure you install an irrigation system or water frequently. Depending on what variety you select – common or improved – you may find yourself fertilizing and watering often. Bermudagrass isn’t a good choice for shady lawns.


    Zoysia is a beautiful, thick turf that tolerates shade well. If your grass experiences a lot of wear and traffic, Zoysia is a great choice. Unlike St. Augustine grass, Zoysia grows slower, so you don’t have to mow as often. That’s a bonus!

    On the other side, Zoysia takes one to three seasons to establish and doesn’t handle damage well. You will need to fertilize often and ensure that it is properly watered. Zoysia grass doesn’t tolerate drought. If you decide to go with Zoysia grass, learn how to maintain it properly, and your grass will look fantastic.

    Buffalo Grass

    Buffalo grass is a Texas native turf grass that is rugged. It is naturally drought tolerant and disease resistant, making it a safe choice for Austin homeowners. You don’t have to worry about watering often or installing an irrigation system. Best of all, it only grows about 5 to 6 inches, so you don’t have to mow frequently.

    The only negative to buffalo grass is that it isn’t the prettiest lawn. It is ideal for someone who doesn’t want to put the time or resources into lawn care.

    Taking care of your lawn in Austin, TX requires some dedication and understanding of the climate. It is important that you understand the tasks you should accomplish each season. During each season, pay attention to the different needs of your lawn, whether it is core aeration or proper irrigation. Use this guide to understand proper lawn care in Austin, TX.

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    Fun Facts

    What is the average price of lawn mowing in Austin, TX? 

    Lot SizeWeekly PriceBiweekly Price
    <1/8 acre$32.10$38.10
    <1/4 acre$36.15$41.12
    <1/3 acre$49.10$55.10
    <1/2 acre$55.10$62.10


    How do Austin residents take care of their lawns?

    I do it myself41%
    I hire a professional30%
    My kids do it17%
    More than 1 of the above12%

    Source: Online survey of Austin, TX residents.

    How long do you prefer your grass cut?

    Very Short22%

    Source: Online survey of Austin, TX residents.

    How does the price of lawn mowing vary between Austin and other cities in the area? (Based on average lot size.)

    Lot Size
    Austin7,350 sq ft$35.70
    Round Rock7,700 sq ft$33.90
    Cedar Park6,900 sq ft$32.11
    Buda7,400 sq ft$37.11
    Pflugerville7,850 sq ft$38.00

    Did you know?

    Landscaping done right can increase your home’s value up to 12%. Read more about how landscaping increases your home’s value in Austin, TX here

    Popular Landscaping Trends in Austin, TX

    *All photos on the Wikilawn website are free for commercial or non-commercial use. Visual attribution is required.

    Trend #1: Using Red Sage

    Trend #2: Modernism

    Trend #3: Love-Colored Floral

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