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    Top Lawn Care Companies in Phoenix of 2019

    Now you might wonder: where to find a Phoenix lawn care service near me? Since finding a top-rated lawn mowing service can be challenging, we offer a list below that ranks the best Phoenix lawn care services based on our review of online customer satisfaction. 

    1) Csmith Land Care

    Carlos Smith

    917 S 7th St
    Phoenix, AZ 85017

    Csmith Land Care does all things lawn and landscape maintenance.  From cutting grass to cleaning xeriscapes, to weed control, Carlos is your to-to-guy for yard work in Phoenix.  He has hundreds of customers willing to provide references and is well known throughout many neighborhoods in the area.

    2) Divine Desert Landscape LLC

    Ivan Moreno

    803 East Minton Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85042

    We all strive for a Divine looking Landscape out here in the Desert, don’t we?  That’s what sums up the work Ivan Moreno and crew do.  According to online reviews, Ivan is trustworthy, communicative, and punctual.  He does landscape maintenance, xeriscaping, lawn mowing, and you can see his work everywhere from Glendale to Gilbert.  Your front yard will be the envy of the neighborhood.


    3) Olsen’s Lawns And Trees

    Jepheth Olsen

    2611 East Hartford Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85032

    Olsen’s Lawns and Trees, led by lawn care industry veteran Jepeth Olsen, is a premier lawn mowing and tree care company in Phoenix.  Jepeth and his crew specialize in grass cutting, tree trimming, tree removal and assessing tree health.  Getting trees to grow in this hot arid climate can be tricky, so call Jepeth to get a professional opinion.  They offer weekly, bi-weekly, and one-time mowing.


    4) Turner’s Handyman Services And Landscaping

    Stacy Turner

    2601 North 36th Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85008

    Stacy Turner and her crew can do not only landscaping services, but all sorts of other things as well.  From handyman services like repairing window trim, fixing doorknobs, and removing junk, to landscaping work like installing shrubs, cutting grass, weed control and trimming bushes, there are few things around the home and yard that Turner’s can’t handle.  Stacy’s work can be seen in front yards around Glendale, Tempe, and Chandler.


    5) A& J Enterprise

    Abel Rodriguez

    6890 West Irwin Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85339
    Abel Rodriguez does it all, from hauling away debris to cutting grass, to weed control, to installing flower beds, A&J enterprise is your go-to landscaper in Phoenix when you need someone reliable and hardworking.  Additionally, they do one-time services because they believe that once you experience the best lawn care you’ll be hooked for life. Call them for your lawn care needs.


    6) López’s Landscaping

    Alvaro Caro

    1742 West Maldonado Road
    Phoenix, AZ 85041

    Lopez Landscape is one of the top lawn pros in the Valley of the Sun.  Alvaro and his workers to great work with lawns, hardscapes, tree services, and more.  If you want someone reliable and premium, Lopez Landscapes is a Phoenix company that will do you right.  For the right project, Alvaro will travel to Tempe, Glendale, Mesa, or Peoria.

    7) GWI

    Eduardo Eacalante

    2522 West Morten Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85051

    GWI is a premium lawn care company servicing the North Phoenix area.  Owner Eduardo is known especially for his meticulous attention to detail.  Beware, GWI won’t be the cheapest lawn service in town but you know the quality will never suffer.  If you need tree services, landscape services, sprinkler system repair, or someone to help fertilize a lawn, Eduardo is your man.  Worth a premium in our opinion for the healthy lawn he’ll deliver.


    8) AZ Lawnscapers and Design LLC

    Mark Sutter

    4301 North 24th Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85016

    We’re not sure if AZ in AZ Lawnscapers and Design is because they operate in Arizona, or because they offer every service from A-Z.  They do tree services, weed control, sprinkler system maintenance, landscape design, and more.  They have done jobs all over, from Glendale to Peoria.  Puns aside, this landscaping company has a great reputation for all sorts of projects and years of experience in the business.


    9) 199 Lawn Care of Phoenix, AZ

    Jared Garcia

    3860 East University Drive
    Phoenix, AZ 85034

    We couldn’t figure out the significance of the number 199 from our surveys and research, but it appears as if Jared Garcia and his company, 199, have mowed plenty of lawns and left plenty of customers satisfied.  For pest control, tree services, landscape design and more, Jared can get it done.


    10) Perfectionist landscaping

    Patrick Kinnaugh

    3045 North 67th Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85033

    The name says it all.  Lawn care expert Patrick Kinnaugh will not leave a blade of grass untrimmed.  He has special attention to detail in both routine lawn maintenance and one-off landscaping projects is something rare.


    11) Temos Lawn Care Phoenix

    Cuauhtemoc Reyes

    1000 East Garfield Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85006

    Temos lawn care knows lawns.  If you are in their service area they will give you a reasonable price and do darn good work.  Be sure to ask for quotes on regular bush trimming and cleanup work – they may give you a package discount.


    12) AJ’s Landscape

    Arthur Johnson

    3001 North Black Canyon Highway
    Phoenix, AZ 85015

    AJ Johnson has been cutting grass in Phoenix for a number of years.  He and his crew are good people.  They are friendly and will fix any work if you aren’t happy with it.  They are known for taking feedback super well.


    13) On The Dot

    Joshua Baca

    4621 North 31st Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85017

    Need your lawn cut precisely?  On The Dot will give you exactly what you need, and arrive on the days they promise.  That’s why they call themselves On the Dot.


    14) Alex Landscape

    Alex Corral

    122 North 2nd Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85004

    Alex Corral is a wonderful gentleman who knows lawns.  He is unbelievably hard-working and customer-centric.  His labor rates are reasonable and he always knocks on the door to walk the lawn with new customers.

    The #1 Phoenix, AZ Lawn Care & Maintenance Guide

    Phoenix, AZ lawn care is a nightmare. If you’re a resident, the oppressive heat may be all too familiar, and sights of yellow lawns are frequent. Last year, over a dozen flights were canceled at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport because it was too hot. The National Weather Service in Phoenix even warned residents to stay indoors and avoid outdoor activities. But, as much as the heat should be avoided, you might forget your lawn. That’s why we compiled this Phoenix lawn care and lawn mowing guide for you. With important background info and actionable tips, your grass will become easier and less excruciating to maintain.

    Aerating Your Lawn

    Aerating your lawn is incredibly important no matter where you live, but in Phoenix it’s more critical than ever.  Our hot, arid desert climate makes growing grass tough, so therefore you need every advantage you can possibly get.

    This video by AMS Landscaping does a great job explaining the why and how behind lawn aeration in Phoenix.


    Watering Your Lawn in Phoenix

    If you don’t water properly, then it doesn’t matter if you hire the best Phoenix, AZ lawn service in the world. This is the most crucial first thing to get right because Phoenix heat is unrelenting and will dry your lawn quickly. A good thing about Phoenix, however, is there aren’t any mandatory water use restrictions. Two major tips:

    • Get up early in the morning or go out in the late evening to water your lawn. The sun radiates too strongly most the day. That’s why you need to pick a cooler time of day, so your lawn will have time to absorb the water.
    • Maintain a strict watering schedule. It’s recommended you water your lawn 3 to 4 times a week during the growing season, though use a little less during the winter season.

    Common Grass Types in Phoenix

    The majority of lawns in Phoenix are warm-season grasses since they survive the best. Though cold-season grasses are present, they’re only used for overseeding practices. You should know which grass you’re working with because each has their own mowing height and thrive under varying conditions.

    Midiron Grass

    Midiron grass is the most popular turf grass in Arizona—withstands the strong, desert temperatures and displays a bright, green color. It becomes dormant in the winter, so there isn’t much lawn care needed during that season. This grass is low maintenance and endures well against plenty of foot traffic, which is why it’s often used in schools and parks. The recommended mowing height is 2 inches.

    Bermuda Grass

    This grass is a common sight on golf courses. A generally sought-after grass in cities with hot weather across the country, Bermuda’s heat tolerance is particularly high. It can stay year-round without reseeding, and like Mildiron, stays dormant during the winter. It’s also a top choice for Arizona due to its high heat tolerance. During the summer, mow this grass between 1 and 1½ inches, and during the winter, allow it to grow to 2 inches.

    St. Augustine Grass

    This grass thrives in shady areas. If your lawn receives relatively scant sunlight, then St. Augustine is a great option. This grass requires more cold and frost in order to grow dormant in the winter, however, it’s not too burdensome to care for during that season. Be prepared for a brown yard though because this grass is not good for overseeding. The recommended mowing height is 2½ inches.

    Lawn Mowing Basics

    The essential first step for DIY lawn care in Phoenix is proper lawn mowing. Some general tips to keep in mind are:

    • Remember the one-third rule. Never cut more than a third of new growth off your lawn during each mow. Really short grass cutting seems more efficient, but this will dry out your grass and prevent roots from developing well.
    • Mow your grass 2 to 4 times per month. Phoenix lawns grow quite fast, especially during the summer, so it’s important to keep a disciplined mowing schedule.
    • Mow when your grass is dry. Mowing wet grass is risky because it’s easier for your mower to create ruts and damage your lawn.
    • Mow with sharp blades. If you mow with dull blades, your grass will tear and weaken it against diseases and pests.
    • Leave your grass clippings on your lawn. Your grass clippings are the most natural, organic fertilizer you’re going to get. This may seem unkempt and messy, but the nutrition your lawn receives is well worth it. If you use a lawn service professional, remember to remind this person to do so.

    Hiring A Lawn Care Company in Phoenix, AZ

    Phoenix’s scorching weather makes DIY lawn care a difficult chore. Average annual precipitation is only 8 inches, so a consistent watering schedule is paramount. Any neglect will lead to a brown, coarse lawn. Furthermore, the weather is an unpleasant, outdoor work environment. Waking up early or returning from work to mow your lawn is a necessary yet painful job. This is why many Phoenix residents instead choose the next best option: hiring a lawn service professional.

    Beyond grass cutting, professional lawn care services offer crucial lawn treatment services that range from pest control to aeration and fertilization. It’s also a smart idea in general to have an expert assess how much lawn maintenance your property needs. Additionally, there are some helpful tips to bear in mind when choosing a lawn care service in Phoenix.

    The first one is to hire an actual lawn service professional, not your neighbor’s teenage son or someone who can only offer a mower and a truck. Although hiring amateurs may seem frugal, their lack of expertise will result in a neglected and unprepared lawn in the long-term, such as failing to identify diseases and pests early. The second tip is to hire a fully-insured lawn service professional. This will save you any anxiety in case a pro damages your property.

    Finally, you should consider organizing your neighbors together and request a group discount from a Phoenix lawn care company. Landscapers will likely offer lower prices if several jobs can be completed with just one visit to a neighborhood because they earn more from saving time on their schedules. Furthermore, landscapers are held to greater accountability for a quality job since you and your neighbors will be able to compare lawns afterward.

    About Wikilawn

    Wikilawn strives to be the #1 resource about lawn care in your region.  From in-depth soil guides to lists of the top lawn care pros near you’ we’ve got you covered.

    Fun Facts

    What is the average cost of lawn mowing in Phoenix?

    Lot Size Weekly Bi-weekly
    < 1/8 Acre $28 $34
    < 1/4 Acre$32$38
    < 1/2 Acre$42$48
    < 3/4 Acre$50$58
    < 1 acre$57$61

    How do Phoenix residents take care of their lawn?

    I use a professional service 34%
    I do it myself 33%
    The neighborhood kid does it 7%
    My kids do it 11%
    A combo of DIY and professionals 15%

    Source: Survey of Phoenix residents

    How long do you Phoenix residents cut their grass?

    Very Short12%

    Source: Online survey of Phoenix, AZ residents.

    How does the price of lawn mowing vary between Phoenix and other nearby cities?


    CityLot SizePrice
    Phoenix7,100 sq ft$34.80
    Tempe8,100 sq ft$35.91
    Glendale5,800 sq ft$35.33
    Gilbert7,100 sq ft$41.01
    Peoria6,250 sq ft$39.20

    Popular Local Landscaping Ideas & Trends

    *All photos on the Wikilawn website are free for commercial or non-commercial use. Visual attribution is required.

    Trend #1: Low Incline Stairways

    Trend #2: Potted Plant Garden

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