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    The #1 New Orleans, LA Lawn Care & Lawn Mowing Guide

    New Orleans lawn care is a chore but an important one if you’re a resident. If you live in neighborhoods, such as in the 7th and 9th Wards or Broadmoor, a healthy, green lawn is something neighbors admire. That’s why we compiled this New Orleans lawn care and lawn mowing guide. With important background info and actionable tips, your grass will be easier to maintain and in good shape.

    Common Grass Types in New Orleans

    The majority of lawns in New Orleans are warm-season grasses. You should know which warm-season grass is on your property because each have their unique growing characteristics and mowing heights.

    Carpet Grass

    Carpet is a thick, light green grass that tolerates New Orleans weather well. Its heat tolerance is high because it needs full sun exposure to grow well. Avoid foot traffic on this turf because it grows slowly and will take a while to recover. A major advantage of Carpet is it adapts to the acidic and sandy soils, common in New Orleans. Remember to mow consistently because this grass can grow up to 12 inches. The recommended mowing height is 3/4 inch to 2 inches.

    St. Augustine Grass

    This grass thrives in shady areas. If your lawn receives relatively scant sunlight, then St. Augustine is a great option. This grass takes more cold and frost to grow dormant in the winter, however, it’s not too burdensome to care for during that season. Be prepared for a brown yard though because this grass is not good for overseeding. The recommended mowing height is 2½ inches.

    Bermuda Grass

    This grass is a common sight on golf courses. A generally sought-after grass in cities with hot weather across the country, Bermuda’s heat tolerance is particularly high. The grass can stay year round with reseeding, and like Mildiron, stays dormant during the winter. It’s also a top choice for Arizona due to its high heat tolerance. During the summer, mow this grass between 1 and 1½ inches, and during the winter, allow it go grow to 2 inches.

    The Basics of Lawn Mowing in New Orleans

    The essential first step for DIY lawn care in New Orleans is proper lawn mowing. Some general tips to keep in mind are:

    • Remember the one third rule. Never cut more than a third of new growth off your lawn during each mow. Grass cutting really short seem more efficient, but this will dry out your grass and prevent roots from developing well.
    • Mow your grass 2 to 4 times per month. New Orleans lawns grow quite fast, especially during the summer, so it’s important to keep a disciplined mowing schedule.
    • Mow when your grass is dry. Mowing wet grass is risky because it’s easier for your mower to create ruts and damage your lawn.
    • Mow with sharp blades. If you mow with dull blades, your grass will tear, weakening it against diseases and pests.
    • Leave your grass clippings on your lawn. When they decay, your grass clippings become organic fertilizer. This may seem untidy, but the nutrients your lawn receives is well worth it. If you use a lawn service professional, remember to remind this person to do so.

    Watering Your Lawn in New Orleans

    If you don’t water properly, then it doesn’t matter if you hire the best New Orleans, LA lawn service in the world. This is the most crucial first thing to get right because New Orleans heat is frequent and unrelenting. A good thing about New Orleans, however, is there aren’t any mandatory water use restrictions. Two major tips:

    • Get up early in the morning or go out in the late evening to water your lawn. The sun radiates too strongly most the day. That’s why you need to pick a cooler time of day, so your lawn will have time to absorb the water.
    • Maintain a strict watering schedule. It’s recommended you water your lawn 3 to 4 times a week during the growing season, though use a little less during the winter season.

    Hiring A Lawn Care Company in New Orleans, LA

    New Orleans lawn care is an important routine in a place with high heat and humidity. Unchecked, your lawn may dry and turn yellow from the heat, as well as become prone to lawn diseases by the humidity. A disciplined watering schedule and accurate applications of fertilizer are necessary for a green lawn. However, many NOLA residents don’t like keeping track of these dull tasks, which is why hiring a lawn service professional is a popular choice.

    Professional lawn care services in New Orleans offer lawn treatment services that range beyond lawn mowing, from pest control to aeration and fertilization. It’s also wise in general to have an expert evaluate how much lawn maintenance your property needs. Additionally, there are two helpful tips to bear in mind when choosing a lawn care service in New Orleans.

    The first one is to hire an actual lawn service professional, not your neighbor’s teenage son or someone who can only offer a mower and a truck. Although hiring amateurs may seem frugal, their lack of expertise will result in a neglected and unprepared lawn in the long-term, such as failing to identify diseases and pests early. The second tip is to hire a fully-insured lawn service professional. This will save you any anxiety in case a pro damages your property.

    Finally, you should consider organizing your neighbors together and request a group discount from a New Orleans lawn care company. Landscapers will likely offer lower prices if several jobs can be completed with just one visit to a neighborhood because they earn more from saving time on their schedules. Furthermore, landscapers are held to greater accountability for a quality job since you and your neighbors will be able to compare lawns afterwards.

    Top 10 Lawn Care Companies in New Orleans

    Now you might wonder: where to find an New Orleans lawn care service near me? Since finding a top-rated lawn mowing service can be challenging, we offer a list below that ranks the best New Orleans lawn care services based on our review of online customer satisfaction. is in no way affiliated with these, nor have we used them.

    1) Moonlight Landscaping, LLC

    Moonlight Landscaping, LLC logoAugustus Hawkins

    8429 Hickery Street
    New Orleans, LA 70118

    If you are looking for a company which will do anything it takes to cut your lawn on time, including cut your lawn by Moonlight, its Moonlight Landscaping LLC. Ok, well of course they won’t actually cut your lawn by moonlight, but they will do an amazing job. If you are looking for someone to cut your grass, prune your bushes, or rake your leaves give Moonlight Landscaping a call.

    2) Carter Lawn Service

    Carter Lawn Service logoHollis Carter

    4201 Tulane Avenue
    New Orleans, LA 70119

    Hollis Carter is passionate about lawn care, and that’s why he started Carter Lawn Service. Hollis and his team have the equipment and experience to handle just about any lawn care situation you throw their way. Your lawn shouldn’t be stressful, and if it is, chances are you need a professional. Call Carter Lawn Service and enjoy your lawn once again. 

    3) New Orleans Grazz

    New Orleans Grazz logoCee Curtis

    8511 Fordham Court
    New Orleans, LA 70127

    The city famous for jazz, is also famous for its unique and diverse landscapes. For those that want their lawns handled and treated like the unique New Orlean’s lawns they are, they call New Orleans Grazz.  Now New Orleans isn’t only renowned for its jazz, people also no it for its grazz. If you want a lawn that sings to you, you know who to call.

    4) Louisiana’s Own Landscaping Company

    Louisiana's Own Landscaping Company logoBradley Diaz

    6397 West End Boulevard
    New Orleans, LA 70124

    Your Louisiana lawn deserves a special touch, and that is what Louisiana’s Own Landscaping Company is all about. No one knows how to treat your New Orleans lawn like Bradley and his crew of lawn care professionals. If you want a garden which is specifically tailored to your environment, then you know who to call. From planning, to installation and maintenance the pros at Louisiana’s Own know how to treat a landscape.

    5) Home 

    Home logoKatherine April

    4901 Bright Drive
    New Orleans, LA 70127

    If you are looking for that down home feeling out of your gardens, then Katherine at Home is the one to call. She specifically tailors your landscape to be warm and inviting, so that it feels just like home. If you are come to a lawn you aren’t happy with everyday, then it’s time to call the landscaping professionals at Home.

    6) 3 Son’s Lawn Care

    3 Son's Lawn Care logoDarren Coler

    2901 Amazon Street
    New Orleans, LA 70114

    If your lawn is looking sad, or hasn’t been properly maintained, then it may be time to hire some professionals. 3 Son’s Lawn Care has your lawn care maintenance covered. From your first fertilizer applications, to cleaning up debris after a storm, and removing those fall leaves, Darren and his team are the ones to call. They have been serving New Orleans for many years now, and are looking to grow their lawn care service business.

    7) Westbank Landlord Lawncare

    Westbank Landlord Lawncare logoEric Weaver ll

    1018 Teche Street
    New Orleans, LA 70114

    Do you rent a number of properties in New Orleans? Then you know how important saving your time is. With the crew at Westbank Landlord Lawn care, you won’t have to spend any more time worrying about who will handle your lawn care at all of your rental units. Your tenants and you will be happy that you called Eric. Best of all with Westbank Landlord on call, you know exactly where to turn should a storm, flood or other lawn care emergency occur.

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