The #1 Broomfield, CO Lawn Care and Lawn Mowing Guide

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    The #1 Broomfield, CO Lawn Care & Lawn Mowing Guide

    Broomfield lawn care is a proud chore in the area. Neighborhoods, such as Brandywine, Broomfield Heights, Anthem, and Broadlands, are full of residents who are decent at DIY lawn care. This is due in part to the scarcity of professional lawn care services. If you’re a resident who wants more knowledge on how to do it properly, our Broomfield lawn care and lawn mowing guide will be useful.

    Lawn Mowing Tips

    Mower Blades Should Be Sharp

    The blades on your mower eventually become dull. If they’re not sharpened, they will tear your lawn and make grass cutting impossible—resulting in a brown lawn. With sharp mower blades, you only need to pass over your lawn once instead of multiple times to finish the mow. Also, new lawn mowers occasionally don’t come with very sharp blades.  You can sharpen your mower blades by either taking it to a lawn service professional or following this DIY guide with pictures.

    Grass Cutting Guidelines

    Don’t cut more than one-third of the height of your grass. Cutting your grass too short will weaken it and make it more susceptible to pests and lawn diseases. Furthermore, remember to mow frequently until the growth of your lawn either slows down or halts (which generally occurs during winter). Also, mow each time with a varying pattern because constant mowing in the same direction will cause your grass blades to lean in only one direction, giving your yard an odd look.

    After grass cutting, you should leave the clippings behind. They will quickly decompose and become organic fertilizer for your lawn. This may seem messy, but your lawn will receive an immense amount of nutrients. If you hired a lawn service professional, make sure to remind this person to do this as well.

    Set the Right Blade Height

    You can adjust the cutting height by raising or lowering the mower’s wheel. Take a look on the side of your lawn mower and find a knob or lever that adjusts the height. Use the previously mentioned recommended heights as your reference.

    Additional Lawn Maintenance Tips

    We want to further equip your Broomfield lawn care skills with what only lawn service professionals generally know. These three skills are best for Broomfield in the spring and fall.

    Dethatching in Broomfield

    Dethatching is when you remove excess thatch that built up over time on your lawn. The problem with thatch is it reduces the amount of water that will reach your grass, harbors pests and diseases more easily, and blocks sunlight. Although some thatch may buffer your yard from heavy foot traffic, it’s best to avoid it becoming too thick. If your thatch is thicker than an inch, it’s time for dethatching. You can use either a power rake or a dethatching rake for the most efficient results. But remember to fertilize afterward because your grass will be thinned out.

    Core Aeration in Broomfield

    Aeration is when you make mini-holes on your lawn, breaking apart compacted soil and improving soil drainage for your lawn. Broomfield lawns need aeration because it raises resistance against pests, diseases, and droughts, and it boosts the overall health of your soil.

    The recommended amount you aerate should be twice a year: once during spring and once again during fall. Also, choose a time early in the morning when the soil is moist and temperatures are cool—this will make it easier to plunge your aerator.

    Overseeding in Broomfield

    Overseeding is when you add extra seeds on existing grass to restore your lawn and fix patchy areas. Like any plant, grass loses vitality over time and dies. Also, if your lawn sustains heavy foot traffic or is overwatered, this is a good method to preserve your lawn. Overseeding brings new grass life to your lawn.

    Before you overseed, first rake your lawn and remove any dead grass. This will loosen up the soil, which the seeds need direct contact with for growth. Remember to scatter the seeds evenly across the lawn. The best growing periods are usually during the spring and fall.

    Hiring a Broomfield Lawn Care Company

    Broomfield’s dry and cool weather is one of the reasons there are many outdoor activities, ranging from the Butterfly Pavilion to Water World. If you rather spend money on those activities than, let’s say, buy lawn care equipment, then hiring a Broomfield lawn care service might be for you.

    Beyond just grass cutting, Broomfield lawn care services offer important lawn treatment services that range from pest control and weed removal to aeration and overseeding. It’s also wise in general to have an expert evaluate how much lawn maintenance your property truly needs. Additionally, there are some good tips to bear in mind when choosing a lawn care service in Broomfield.

    The first one is to hire an actual lawn service professional, not a neighbor or any person who can only offer a mower and a truck. Although hiring amateurs may seem cost-effective, their lack of expertise will result in a neglected lawn in the long-term, such as failing to identify diseases and pests early. The second tip is to hire a fully-insured lawn service professional. This will free you from any anxiety in the rare occasion that a pro damages your property.

    Finally, you should consider organizing your neighbors together and ask for a bulk discount from a lawn care company. If several jobs can be completed with just one visit to a neighborhood, landscapers are more likely to offer discounts because they profit more from the time saved on their schedules. Furthermore, landscapers are held to greater accountability for quality work since you and your neighbors will be able to compare lawns afterward.

    Top Lawn Care Companies in Broomfield

    Now you might wonder: where to find a Broomfield lawn care service near me? Since finding a top-rated lawn mowing service can be challenging, we offer a list below that ranks the best Broomfield lawn care services based on our review of online customer satisfaction. is in no way affiliated with these, nor have we used them.

    1) Mowing Aeration Sprinklers

    Mowing Aeration Sprinklers logo

    Joe Bopp

    3245 West 135th Avenue
    Broomfield, CO 80020

    Joe Bopp and his team at Mowing Aeration Sprinklers did an outstanding job on my lawn. Whether you need lawn irrigation, mowing, or anything lawncare related, they can handle it no problem. Joe Bopp at MAS is a true professional, that’s for sure!

    2) Power Pipe INC.

    Power Pipe Inc. logoPhoenix Hwang

    13780 Del Corso Way
    Broomfield, CO 80020

    Keeping your lawn properly watered is crucial if you want it to look good year-round. I don’t have the time to water my own, so I had Phoenix at Power Pipe INC. set up an irrigation system for me. It works great and saves me tons of time, thanks Phoenix!

    3) Joey’s Landscaping

    Joey’s Landscaping logoJoey Zubiate

    106 West 6th Avenue
    Broomfield, CO 80020

    I love having a beautiful lawn, but I don’t always have the time or know-how to keep it that way. That’s why I called Joey’s Landscaping for a quote. His team was able to handle all my lawn care needs for an affordable price, so I’ll be using them from now on.


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