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    4 Best Grass Types in Hollywood, Florida

    Sun and water, the two most important ingredients for a healthy lawn, are abundant in Hollywood, Florida, so the best grass types for your lawn are warm-season turfs.  Warm-season grasses thrive in a climate like Hollywood’s,...

    3 Best Grass Types in Boynton Beach, Florida

    Boynton Beach is famous for its year-round sunshine, gorgeous beaches, and fertile landscape. This seaside city's tropical climate and ample rainfall are perfect for cultivating well-manicured lawns. But the rainy season only lasts...

    7 Best Grass Types in Kissimmee, Florida

    Florida’s heat presents some challenges for maintaining a great yard, but with the right grass type your Kissimmee, Florida, yard can be as pristine as Lakefront Park.  Here are the seven best grass types for Kissimmee lawns: 1....

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