When you think of Orlando, visions of Disney probably dance in your head, but Orlando is more than just Disney World. People from all over the world visit this area of Florida, but most don’t realize Orlando is also one of the best places to live in the United States. Making the move to Orlando can be more worthwhile than you think. With a diverse population, a vibrant culture, a love for sports and the arts, and a huge university, Orlando has the makings of a bustling city perfect for all ages.

    Don’t believe me? Check out these pictures that show you just how awesome Orlando, FL really is.

    1. Orlando has amazing weather all year long.

    2. People move to Orlando just for the weather, and can you blame them?

    3. It’s close to the white sandy beaches and blue waters of the ocean.

    4. Don’t forget all the water-related activities that Orlando residents love.

    5. Love golf? So do half the residents in Orlando.

    6. Orlando is a golf mecca.

    7. Okay, yes, Disney World is pretty amazing.

    8. You have to make a stop at Disney World at least once.

    9. Don’t forget Universal Studios!

    10. Orlando also is home to Sea World.

    11. Restaurants aren’t lacking in Orlando either.

    12. The cuisine throughout the city is diverse, just like the population.

    13. In the mood for Indian?

    14. Orlando is home to ample natural reserves.

    15. Check out the wildlife around the area and its natural beauty.

    16. It offers over 70 parks for families to enjoy.

    17. Turkey Lake offers fishing and boating.

    18. Don’t forget you can go camping!

    19. Did you know Orlando has around 100 named lakes?

    20. Don’t forget to check out Lake Eola.

    21. It’s home to orange groves.

    22. The city was truly built on the citrus industry, not Disney, as many think.

    23. Students have ample university choices.

    24. Like the University of Central Florida.

    25. Orlando loves the arts, such as ballet.

    26. Check out the local Shakespeare Festival each year.

    27. If you love Space, drive an hour to visit the JFK Space Center.

    28. To beat the heat, check out a Solar Bears game. Hockey rocks.

    29. One problem with Orlando? Mosquitoes are horrible.

    30. But the weather? It makes up for it.

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