A beautiful landscape is like the cover of a book. Neighbors and future buyers will know the inside is well-kept when the outside is pristine. A lush, green lawn also hits home with future house hunters, adding several thousand dollars to the value of your property. When it comes to Scottsdale real estate, the old cliche of Location, location, location can be changed to Landscaping, landscaping, landscaping!

    A Satisfying Outdoor Area

    Credit: Faylyne, CC2.0

    There’s nothing like pulling up in front of your home after a hectic day and taking time to admire your yard. Your neighbors may be green with envy, especially if their yards are overgrown with tall grass, weeds, and out-of-control bushes and shrubs. All of which harbor insects, rodents, and other pests. Studies show a vibrant, green lawn also increases oxygen production. If you’re allergic to certain types of foliage, keeping your yard maintained can reduce the spread of allergens around your home. Prospective buyers, impressed with your landsdaping plan, kwil see the value of your home.

    A nicely maintained yard with a deck, patio or swimming poolalso helps expand the square usable footage of your living space by allowing you to entertain outdoors.  And a well-kept landscape gives your children a safe place to play as it adds to your home’s value. 

    To Avoid Property Damage

    Depending on the types of plants, animals, and trees that are in your area, failing to maintain your landscape can lead to property damage, which is not the curb appeal you want. Proper landscaping prevents water build-up outside and inside your home. Excess leaves and roots can clog your gutters and cause your roof to leak. Trees planted too close to your home can sink their roots in your foundation over time and crack your foundation, inviting water damage and mold. Those repairs can be costly, erode your home’s value, and, until they’re done, cut your resale value by makimg a bad first impression. 

    More Peaceful Neighbors

    When the grass is greener on your side of the fence, your neighbors will be encouraged to keep up with their landscaping. This benefits the entire neighborhood by increasing property values. Few people want to buy a home next to a trashy yard! Many a neighborhood feud has started with code enforcement complaints and city fines for unkept lawns. Homeowner association covenants and restrictions often pile on, adding their own HOA penalty fees for failing to mow lawns, on top of the fines you’ll face for violating city ordinances.

    To Save Time and Money

    Green lawns save you plenty of green as they add to your home’s value. It costs more money to restore a yard that is ravaged by weeds, dry patches, and unruly foliage. The more severe your lawn issues are, the more it will cost to repair them, and the longer the process will take. Homebuyers and potential buyers won’t want to wait for you to deal with your front yard landscape issues. When plants and shrubs are groomed properly and weeds are treated early, you can tend to your yard on a regular basis in a fraction of the time.

    Maintaining your landscape is an underrated home improvement that can do wonders for your home. If you find it overwhelming, you can hire a professional to take care of it for you. You’ll save money on repairs in the long run.