What is a backyard if not an extension of one’s soul? Okay, that may be a bit dramatic, but what’s the point of having that yard if you don’t maintain it well? Your lawn is a part of your property strangers can often look into without having to be welcomed into your home, so keeping it organized is crucial to maintaining the right appearances in your neighborhood. It is one of many ways to improve your all-important curb appeal. Though there is a lot of open space in the typical yard, keeping the rest well organized does take some effort and wise thinking. Try these tips to keep your backyard items well maintained and stored correctly.

    Storing backyard items

    1. Lawn Care Equipment

    It’s possible to store most lawn care products and other backyard items without much maintenance. The main exception would be lawnmowers or other motorized lawn equipment. Drain any fuel or other fluids put inside these tools before they are stored long-term. In the winter, make sure to empty the fuel tank of the mower before putting it away in the garage or shed. If the items are stored outdoors, try to keep them above ground to prevent snow and water from getting to them.

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    2. Grilling Equipment & Tools

    Outdoor grills can get dirty during a busy summer, so cleaning a grill before putting it in storage is always wise. A grill brush can be a big help with the job. Weber Grills has a helpful guide on their site that helps walk through the steps owners of each kind of grill should take before storing their grills. Whatever grill you have, it can be stored indoors or outdoors during the winter, but a propane tank should always be stored outside. If you choose to store your grill outdoors, a grill cover can help protect its exterior from the elements.

    3. Toys & Pool Care

    Most items that kids love to play with at the pool are pretty low maintenance, but it always helps to break down these pool toys and accessories to their smallest components. That means disassembling the pool basketball hoop, deflating the floating pool toys, and folding all the towels.

    4. Backyard Decluttering

    There’s always an item or two that can be removed to create extra space in any outdoor space. Many people don’t refresh their lawn decorations or leave some out far too long. Others keep broken or worn down lawn equipment, flower pots or watering instruments around as it can be difficult to throw them out.

    The shed or garage close to your outdoor space can often become the place where items to be sold, donated, or thrown out are put.  It generally feels easier to move these items temporarily than it is actually to get rid of them. Determine a workflow to assess which of these seeming superfluous items are worth keeping, and figure out what to do with the rest (selling, donating, dumping) that makes the most sense.

    Decluttering your backyard makes the outdoor living space more inviting and more functional for your friends and family… or neighbors. When you have too much stuff just lying around and taking up space in your yard, the point this summer should be to declutter it. The golden rule is the less you have, the less you need to store. Just like when you’re looking at renting a storage space or preparing for a long distance move, throwing away or donating items means fewer things for you to worry about.

    5. Adding Backyard Storage

    Need more space to store things in and around your yard? There are a few convenient yard storage solutions.  Add storage racks or buy shelves to go alongside the walls of the garage, and you’ll make more use out of the space right next to your yard. In the yard, a storage shed or deck box can make an unassuming place to put some items that belong in the yard but aren’t always being used. The deck box or shed can blend into a yard much like an ottomans blend into a living room. A wine rack as a holder for clean – rolled-up towels and a water-proof coat rack is a great solution for hanging wet towels to dry.

    6. Keeping Backyard Items in Top Shape

    The elements are always a concern in the yard, so patio and other outdoor furniture should have covers that can be put on them upon notice of inclement weather. Clearing debris from the lawn can help prevent damage in cases of inclement weather too; don’t let a strong breeze cause one of your items to be dented. Cleaning your metal yard equipment like lawnmowers, grills, and gardening tools will help keep them from rusting and help them maintain their top effectiveness. Having a landscape layout that’s fit for your home is often about yard maintenance. But the reward of a photogenic and welcoming exterior on your property is worth it.

    Top Photo: Flickr // Earthworm