It’s hard not to judge a home by your first impression. Many choice homes sit on the market for far too long because they don’t attract potential buyers at first glance. Make sure that your home stands out because looks matter in the world of real estate.

    If you’re thinking about selling your home and are looking for ways to make it competitive in today’s market, one of the simplest ways to speed up the process is by adding a bit of extra curb appeal.

    You probably don’t want to break the bank when giving your home exterior a makeover. After all, curb appeal is used to attract attention–it’s what’s inside that will help you to make a sale. Try these several tactics Phoenix-area homeowners have successfully used to make their homes look more appealing without breaking the bank.

    Large modern American home residence in Phoenix Arizona

    1. Paint the Door

    While painting your entire home is a terrific way to make it look new, you can get a similar effect on a much smaller budget by painting your front door.

    “Front doors are the very first thing a buyer sees when viewing your home,” explains John Crow, CEO of a Glendale real estate brokerage. “So a fresh coat of paint with the right color can really give buyers a great first impression.”

    A trending choice amongst homeowners is using vibrant colors for the front door. Painting an old door in a modern color can be a fantastic way to make your home look a bit less dated while choosing something cool and welcoming can help to give your home the look of an oasis in the middle of a desert.

    The other option is to go with muted/traditional colors like deep blue, dark grey or mint green. These are classic colors that give buyers a sense of majesty.

    2. Use Desert-Friendly Plants

    Perhaps the best way to boost your curb appeal is to invest in a bit of local flora. Phoenix is a desert environment, so taking some time to lean into that aesthetic can be an attractive way to make your home harmonize with the region. Adding local flora not only shows off the beauty of the area but also decreases water use in your garden.  

    Some local plants that are perfect for desert landscaping include:

    • Ghost Plant Succulent
    • Flaming Katy
    • Pencil Plants
    • Fox Tail Agave
    • Jade Plants

    3. Dress Up the Windows

    Your windows play an integral role in how your house is perceived. Dressing them up a bit can give the outside of your home an entirely new character with relatively little work. New curtains, shades, or blinds add a great deal of personality to your home. They also come with the bonus of keeping the inside cooler in summer. Window dressing is an ideal addition to help give your home a little extra style and comfort in the eyes of potential buyers.

    4. Add Decor

    If you’re not willing to get your hands dirty, picking up some front-yard decor is an excellent way to get some curb appeal. If you have trees, consider a nice bench or seating area under the shade. Even something as simple as decorative wreath or doormat can add a splash of color to your home and catch the eyes of visitors. Tasteful front yard furniture can help to make your home look quite attractive.  Adding it to a perfectly-landscaped lawn will beautify your home exterior.

    5. Go Traditional

    While the desert look is definitely in, one of the best parts about living in Phoenix is that you can use traditional landscaping without having to sacrifice much in the way of utility. If you want to make your home stand out to new transplants, make sure to bring in a splash of green. New turf or a few new plants can give your home a standout aesthetic to those who are aching for the American dream yard.  It might seem odd to use a traditional garden to make your house stand out. However, in a neighborhood of desert landscaping, it will certainly be unique.

    Adding curb appeal doesn’t have to drain your bank account. You can make a few small alterations to completely change the way your home looks to visitors and potential buyers alike, improving your home’s value. Whether you’re looking to update your landscaping or you simply want to add some accent colors. These tips will give your home the facelift it needs.