Denton, TX Student Earns The WikiLawn Grass for Class Scholarship

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    Dalton Carlile – Mechanical & Energy Engineering student at the University of North Texas

    At age 20, Dalton Carlile quit his job as a Warehouse Manager to enroll in school full-time and pursue his degree in Mechanical and Energy Engineering at the University of North Texas.

    He needed a job that would be flexible with his school schedule, and because he had experience working as a lawn care service technician in high school, he decided to buy a lawn mower, weed-eater, and blower so that he could launch his very own lawn care service to help pay for school.

    “It was a great weekend gig that allowed me to focus 100% on school during the week. And because I financed my own education, I really needed the extra money to help cover my expenses,” Dalton says. “I never could have imagined that I would keep [the business] going this long.”

    Dalton started out taking classes at his local community college, where he spent two years working on his basics before deciding that engineering was his calling.

    Fast forward to the present…

    He is on now his way to graduating with a Masters degree in Mechanical and Energy Engineering. Dalton says he will put the $1,000 scholarship towards his final year at the University of North Texas.

    He has serviced hundreds of customers over the past few years, but his very first customer has stuck it out with Dalton since the beginning and even sent in a letter of recommendation contending his right to be awarded the scholarship. We were profoundly impressed with his customer’s fond words describing Dalton’s hard work and dedication to his education and lawn service. So, we decided that we agree: Dalton deserves this scholarship.

    “It feels great to know that my customers are inspired by what I’m accomplishing,” Dalton says. “It’s going to be a sad day when I finally have to quit the business, but I’m excited to start my career as an engineer.”

    Good luck Dalton!

    Dalton’s first lawn mower – now retired.

    We hope that Dalton continues to inspire people through his hard work and dedication, and are honored to present him with WikiLawn’s first Grass for Class Scholarship.

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