Moving to our nation’s capital is a big decision. You might have heard that it’s expensive and too busy to be your home, but don’t let those negative thoughts get to you. Living in Washington D.C. has some huge perks, plus a developing culture that is vibrant and alive.

    Here are some pictures that show you how great living in Washington D.C. truly is.

    1. Washington D.C. is beautiful.

    2. The Cherry Blossom Festival showcases the beauty of this city.

    3. Get back in touch with nature by heading to the National Arboretum.

    4. The capital hosts an abundance of museums.

    5. Such as the National Air and Space Museum.

    6. Don’t forget to stop at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

    7. Don’t forget our beautiful Capitol building that shines in the city.

    8. It offers international cuisine.

    9. The food scene is bustling, especially food trucks.

    10. Make sure you try some Chesapeake blue crabs which are fresh.

    11. The Union Market is where you can head to try different cuisine.

    12. Don’t forget the farmer’s markets every week.

    13. Washington D.C. loves their farmer’s market.

    14. While it offers four seasons,

    15. It never gets too cold, even in the winter.

    16. Try sledding down Capitol Hill for some fun.

    17. D.C. is LGBT and women-friendly.

    18. The city is steeped in history and culture.

    19. You could say history is around every turn.

    20. Speaking of turns, D.C. offers over 60 miles of bicycle trails.

    21. Hikers and bikers love this area that caters to them, letting them breathe in the fresh air.

    22. Rowing is another way to stay fit in the area.

    23. Exercise is a big deal around here, even for families.

    24. Gardens abound in the D.C. metro area.

    25. Potomac Park is a popular pick.

    26. Don’t forget the Hillwood Gardens.

    27. The central location means D.C. is a short drive away from Virginia Beach or Maryland.

    28. The Washington Redskins are the official D.C. team.

    29. But, Baltimore is close, so Raven fans are everywhere.

    30. Enjoy your stay in Washington D.C.!

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