Living in Washington, DC provides bushels of options when it comes to lawn care. You can choose from hundreds of professional landscapers or you can go the do-it-yourself route. Depending on your schedule, property size, and the shade of your green thumb there are several pros and cons.

    Keep in mind. Lawn care shouldn’t stress you out as a homeowner. Your yard should enhance your life and make for peaceful days hanging around the homestead.

    If you need help deciding, here are a few pros and cons of do-it-yourself lawn care in Washington, DC:

    1. Mowers and Calories

    Photo: Flickr / East Cobber

    You may not think of a lawn mower on the same level as a treadmill, but yardwork can still work up a sweat. Walking behind a mower for 30 minutes can burn as many calories as walking around the block for half an hour. More actually, if you go old-school by using a mower that is not self-propelled.

    The average high temperature for Washington, DC in July is 88 degrees. So you’re sure to sweat some extra calories during the hottest months.

    Of course, if you prefer to stay inside amidst the heat, then you can call a professional to help you out. Allergies can also make it difficult to brace pollen levels in your yard.

    2. Green Zen

    Some folks actually see riding a mower as their “zen time.” With a continuous motion, you can clear up some mindful headspace. This is a time when there are typically few to no distractions besides your focus on your lawn.

    On the other hand, if bouncing around on a roaring 15-horsepower machine is not soothing to you, that’s cool. Just be sure to have some native plants around such as the Cut-leaved Coneflower or some Blue Wild Indigo for added serenity. Being native to the Washington, DC area, these plants are easy to grow and maintain.

    3. DIY and Dollars

    It makes sense that pruning your own bushes, planting your own Flowering Dogwoods, and aerating your own turf will save you money. A penny saved is a penny earned right? Sorta.

    We need to be careful not to step over a fescue colored dollar bill to pick up a dime. The average price for lawn care in Washington, DC is $51.81, which you could think adds up over time. Yes, it does–but there are also recurring costs to doing your own lawn care that you might not realize also add up:

    • Fuel
    • Equipment repair
    • Fertilizer
    • Weed control
    • Insecticides
    • Cost of mulch
    • Cost of seed or sod
    • Supplies such as trimmer cord
    • Possible hospital bills due to machine-related injury

    Not to mention the possibility of a lawn mower payment. High quality ride along lawn mowers can cost a few thousand dollars or so. But there are also basic models of an electric push mower for about $130, yet these can take a little more time and effort to utilize.

    4. Knowing your Property

    If you are out in your yard weekly, cleaning up or pulling weeds, you notice more about your property.

    You’ll see fences in need of fresh paint. Maybe you’ll notice a dangerous old tree at your property line. Perhaps you will even learn more about your entire neighborhood by being outdoors regularly.

    Having a lawn care provider with excellent customer care should also be on the lookout for property problems for you. As it’s more potential work for lawn care crews or even a network of service providers. And it keeps you happy with his attention to detail and willingness to help beyond the green chores.

    Still have questions about lawn care in Washington DC? Please share your thoughts in the comments below or visit our Washington DC lawn care page.