Virginia Beach is one of the lucky metropolitan areas when it comes to lawn watering. Watering restrictions in Virginia Beach are pretty much nonexistent.  A representative of the public utility says Virginia Beach has plenty of water. But the truth isn’t quite as simple as that, and the city asks people to follow a list of water conservation recommendations. Here’s a little bit of the history behind this, along with the city’s conservation recommendations. 

    Yes, There Have Been Droughts

    The biggest drought of the last century took place in 1930. The United States Geological Survey says that was one of the most severe droughts recorded in the state. Things dried up again in 1938-1942, and 1962-1971 and other years, like in the 1980s More recently, a milder drought hit Virginia in 2002. 

    Virginia Beach Fought for Water

    Today, Virginia Beach pumps in millions of gallons a day from Lake Gaston. That abundant water supply allows the city to skirt water restrictions. But this didn’t come without a court challenge from the state of North Carolina, where part of the lake is located. Virginia Beach prevailed, but the water supply is a hard-fought resource, and the city promotes conservation.

    Be Smart About Water Use

    The city of Virginia Beach has a list of recommendations for outdoor and indoor water use on its website. Those recommendations include watering your lawn in the early morning. Morning watering is also best for the grass since it allows the roots time to soak up the water before the heat of the day. Watering during the day wastes water and watering at night leaves the lawn vulnerable to disease and fungus. The city also recommends replacing some of your grass with mulched garden beds and choosing native plants, which are adapted to the climate of Virginia Beach. Other common-sense tips include aiming your sprinklers away from driveways and streets and towards your grass.

    The bottom line is that you can water as much as you want and when you want, and the city of Virginia Beach is not going to come after you. Even though there aren’t any watering restrictions for Virginia Beach, the city asks you to be smart about the way you use your water outdoors. Save the water for a rainy day … or rather several dry days when we really need it!

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