Water is our most precious resource. That’s why the city of Fort Worth has implemented year-round water restrictions limiting the amount we use. This comes at a time when many drought-prone areas are imposing similar restrictions. The city’s don’t want us to stop watering, just to water smartly. You can do that by familiarizing yourself with the water restrictions in Fort Worth.

    Twice a Week Smart Watering System

    Fort Worth has implemented a twice a week smart watering system. This means you can water your yard and garden twice a week, but only on certain days.

    Watering Schedule 

    • Monday: No watering allowed.
    • Tuesdays and Fridays: Nonresidential sites (apartments, businesses, parks, and common areas) may water.
    • Wednesdays and Saturdays: Residential addresses ending in even numbers may water.
    • Thursdays and Sundays: Residential addresses ending in odd numbers may turn the sprinklers on.

    The water restrictions in Fort Worth also prohibit you from watering while it’s raining. Allowing your sprinkler to water the sidewalks and gutters is also a big no-no. Damaged sprinkler heads that lead to wasted water can also net you a fine.

    Irrigation Sensors Required

    As of June 1, 2007, any irrigation system installed in the Fort Worth area must include rain and freeze sensors. This prevents automatic sprinklers from turning on when mother nature is watering for us.  Before installing a new irrigation system, or retrofitting an old one, you must get a permit. And all commercial irrigation systems must have a sensor and be inspected annually.

    Exemptions to the Rules

    There are a few instances where the Twice A Week Smart Watering System does not apply:

    • Those using an alternate water source such as a well, reused or reclaimed water, or water from the Trinity River.
    • Areas of newly planted grass seed, sod, new trees or hydromulch that require constant watering (no more than 30 consecutive days).
    • Sports fields sprayed down for dust control reasons.
    • Any testing, repair, or maintenance of an irrigation system.

    Rule Enforcement

    Violating the City of Fort Worth’s regulations could cost you up to $2,000 for each offense, and each day you’re in violation counts as a separate offense. The city may even go a step further by locking in-ground irrigation systems for homeowners who break the rules. In addition to the fine, there’s a hefty fee to remove the lock-out device on your meter.

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