Everything’s bigger in Texas, including those annoying bugs! These invaders often create damage to your lawn, garden, and even the structure of your home. Let’s identify the worst backyard pests in Fort Worth and look at ways to get rid of them.


    Summer brings hot weather to the Fort Worth area and the onslaught of mosquito season. These bloodsuckers show up during dawn and dusk..and the hours in between.  Some people aren’t affected by them while others are mosquito magnets. They’re actually the deadliest creature on the planet, killing more than 700,000 people a year by transmitting diseases.

    Make sure your yard is clear of any standing water that serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Add mosquito-repellant plants to your yard to help keep them away. The scent of basil, marigolds, and catnip really bugs them. Using mosquito repellant is helpful as well as electric mosquito traps that attract and kill them.


    Photo credit: theivorytower on Visualhunt.com / CC BY-ND

    Next to mosquitoes, chiggers may be the worst backyard pest in Fort Worth. These tiny pests have plagued the DFW area forever. They hang out in tall grassy areas and fields that are prime spots for summer fun. Chiggers not only bite but also bury into the skin and hang out for a few weeks. Keep these little parasites away by keeping your lawn mowed and trimmed and use pest repellant when out in a wooded area. Shower and scrub your skin once back indoors to reduce your exposure.


    Fort Worth is home to both German and American Cockroaches, which can be both scary and ugly to see crawling around your house. Roaches spread disease and are quite resilient and tough to kill. Cockroaches enjoy messes and particularly greasy spots. Roaches can either live indoors, or live outdoors and opportunistically look for ways to get inside. Keeping cooking areas clean and clear of food when not in use helps. There are also sprays that will spot treat cockroach-infested areas. If these critters have invaded your space, it may be time to hire an exterminator.



    Texas is home to 18 species of scorpions. The most common in San Antonio and New Braunfels is the striped bark scorpion. These yellowish-tan creatures with two dark stripes down their back are easy to spot. Like us, scorpions are looking for a cool place to spend the summer. You’ll find them hiding under rocks, logs, landscaping materials, and in dark corners of your home during the day. Like the black widow, they come out at night searching for food. Their stings are rarely deadly, but they are painful and can cause muscle spasms and burning sensations.

    Fire Ants

    Fire ants can be lethal to small pets and kids. Their bite is extremely painful. These are the worst backyard pests in Fort Worth for anyone who enjoys walking barefoot across the lawn. They’re attracted to pets, people and electrical wiring. They’ve cost some cities hundreds of thousands in repairs. Steer clear of any ant mounds in the yard, and treat them with fire ant killer as soon as possible. The workers will take the granules back to their queen, but keep in mind, some colonies have several queens, so it may take several treatments.

    There are plenty of pests that plague Texas yards, but only a few of them will really bug you. Keep in mind, regular mowing and lawn maintenance will make your yard less inviting to the worst backyard pests in Fort Worth.

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