Creating a landscape that’s both easy to care for as well as beautiful is easy in North Texas. Plenty of plants call the Fort Worth area home, and you’ll find them in both natural areas as well as cultivated gardens. Choosing native plants for Fort Worth garden is a way to support the environment while saving yourself work. Check out these native plants for Fort Worth that will flourish in your backyard.

    Pecan Tree

    Any way you pronounce it (and Texans pronounce it with a soft “ahn” at the end), the pecan tree is the state tree of Texas. This native tree features beautiful green foliage and plenty of those delicious nuts. Pecan trees can grow up to 100 feet tall, and live to be quite old.  This member of the hickory family is a staple in the area and would make a great addition to any North Texas home. It can spread wider than other native trees, so make sure that you have enough room to house this beauty for years to come.

    Hummingbird Bush

    Hummingbird bush

    Also known as the Mexican flame, the hummingbird bush is a Texas native and a magnet for pollinators. This bush features bright red blooms that accentuate any Fort Worth garden. The long tubular flower allows hummingbirds to reach the nectar. Plant the hummingbird bush in drier parts of the garden or along rocky slopes. Placing this beautiful bush near a window or outdoor living space will create up close and personal viewings of the many hummingbirds that will flock to this plant.


    There are many different kinds of coneflowers, or echinacea, available in local garden centers all around the Fort Worth area. You’ll find different leaf structures, but all include a beautiful seed head that points towards the sky. Coneflowers are quite popular,  for their robust stance against heat and drought. These lovely blooms will continue on for months and attract a wide variety of pollinators, including butterflies and bees. Plant coneflowers along a walkway or in a cluster to add both color and vibrancy to the yard.

    American Beautyberry


    There is nothing quite like the stunning color of the purple berries that form on the American beautyberry bush. This native plant will grow to around 5 feet tall in favorable soil conditions. The striking clusters of bright purple berries form along the branches of the plant. The berries attract a wide variety of birds. Unfortunately, deer like to eat its large oval-shaped leaves. We recommend planting this native in a spot where you can enjoy the beautiful colors as well as the birds that will flock to it.


    Many different species of yucca are native to the Fort Worth area. You’ll find Yucca plants all over in various shades and styles. This hardy plant loves hot Texas weather and is extremely drought tolerant. It can grow in a variety of soil conditions and requires little to no maintenance once established. Mix yucca in with other native plants in your landscape or in a xeriscaped area that features drought-resistant plants.

    Using native plants in your landscape will add natural beauty and keep you from having to sweat it out in the yard maintaining the garden.  Consider adding any or all of these native plants to your Fort Worth garden this year.

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