Jacksonville’s warm climate and proximity to many bodies of water create the perfect environment for pests. These backyard pests can create many issues for homeowners. Here are some of the worst backyard pests in Jacksonville, and more importantly, how to get rid of them.


    Yay, Jax! In 2019 the city broke into the list of the top U.S. cities …for mosquitoes. Some people tend to get bitten only a few minutes after stepping outside while others aren’t mosquito magnets at all. Either way, it’s essential to keep the mosquito population down around your home. These bloodsuckers can spread disease and cause significant health problems for your family and pets. There’s no doubt they’re among the worst pests in Jacksonville and one of the deadliest in the world.

    Make sure to rid your lawn and garden from any standing water where mosquitoes can lay eggs. Buy a mosquito zapper and wear bug repellent while outdoors. Guard the family pooch against heartworms spread by infected mosquitoes as well. Use natural mosquito repellent plants around your home. Catmint, marigolds, and citronella have a scent that bugs mosquitoes.



    While these flying lovers aren’t harmful to humans, their sheer numbers can wreak havoc in the Jacksonville area. They are also known as the honeymoon fly, but they’re nothing lovable about them. These bugs mate and then remain attached for several days afterward. Lovebugs are commonly found flooding sides of buildings and splattering across the front of cars.


    2019 was a particularly bad year (actually a good year for the bugs, bad for us,) thanks to a lack of rainfall that encouraged eggs production. There isn’t much you can do to prevent or rid your backyard of these swarms of lovebugs other than use screened-in outdoor areas. Cutting down on piles of plant debris in the yard could also help keep these amorous pests away. They especially like feeding on Brazilian pepper.


    Any wood structures are targets for termites in the Jacksonville area. It doesn’t take long for these small wood eaters to do some costly damage to homes, garages, sheds, and backyard playgrounds. Walk around any wood structures on your property to look for mud tubes and droppings that look like sawdust. Ridding your property of any wood piles or dead trees is one way to prevent termites from entering your area. If you’ve got an infestation, it’s time to call a professional exterminator.


    These small gnats are also known as sand fleas in the Jacksonville area. They tend to hang out on the sandy beaches but can also fly around the city. No-see-ums are usually active in the mornings or late afternoons, and their sting is easy to feel. You’ll most likely feel a no-see-um before you lay eyes on it.

    Applying insect repellent before going outside is one way to prevent these little critters from causing issues. Carbon dioxide traps are also popular to use in backyards.

    While Florida may be a prime target for many bugs, you can prevent some of the worst pests in Jacksonville from making themselves at home in your home. Keep your grass mowed, and remove any yard debris. Most pests are looking for tall grass and woodpiles to breed and nest. You don’t have to use harmful chemicals to control the pest population, but it will take plenty of perseverance and patience.

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