There are plenty of beautiful things to photograph, let alone Instagram, in Phoenix, AZ. You’ll find the usual things like gardens, rock formations, and culture but what about those things that are a little off the beaten path? Check out these unique things that you should definitely add to your list as the most Instagrammable spots in Phoenix.

    Yayoi Kusama’s Fireflies

    One of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring places in Phoenix is within the Phoenix Art Museum. Step inside one of the infinity rooms by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and experience an expansive feeling in just 25 square feet of space. The art installation entitled You Who are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies features mirrored walls and black granite as well as 250 LED lights that dangle at different heights throughout the room. The lasting effect on visitors is supposed to make you feel like you are floating in space and many have come back to the museum just for a chance to experience the room again. Although no flashes are allowed in the museum, many patrons do take pictures within the space thanks to the light in the room.

    The Octobass

    This giant 11-foot bass was invented in 1850 by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume and is twice the height of a double bass. The octobass makes sounds so low that they aren’t even audible to the human ear. This magnificent classical instrument is a rare and incredibly hard to play. The octobass is located within the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix and is quite the sight to see. Get an Insta-Worthy pic next to the octobass to get a feel for its immense size that will delight all of your band loving followers.

    Tovrea Castle

    This odd home was built in the 1920s and includes over 5,000 square feet of living space. The Tovrea Castle sits in the middle of Phoenix with 44 acres of preserved desert surrounding the home. It has had three families live within its walls since it was built and was recently opened up for tours to the public. The Tovrea Castle is said to look like a wedding cake and offers many interesting architectural features. The tours for the home sell out well in advance making this a hot spot for those who want to get a glimpse inside its walls. If you can’t get tickets, consider stopping by to snap a picture of the outside of this unique and popular Phoenix landmark.

    Hot Air Balloon Rides

    There are plenty of companies that offer hot air balloon rides in the Phoenix area. Get up before the sun and head out to the desert for your chance to ride in a hot air balloon over the Arizona desert. You’ll watch the sunrise, which is an Insta-Worthy opportunity in itself, as well as get to take magnificent pictures of the balloons that go up that morning. This once in a lifetime opportunity is great for spending time with a friend and will make a great photo to add to your Instagram feed.

    Stay at The Hive

    This 1960s Shasta camping trailer can be easily reserved on Airbnb and is touted as part art gallery, art studio, coffee bar, and much more. You can stay at The Hive at a great price and experience life in an open artist community. You’ll find the outdoor shower just steps from the camper and may even enjoy a cool shower under the stars. The trailer itself would be great to capture but the unique experience while staying at The Hive will undoubtedly bring about other unique photo opportunities.

    It’s almost no surprise that new residents of Phoenix are moving here with all the hot spots the city has to offer. So, if you’re looking for unique things to add to your Instagram handle, consider staying at The Hive to capture a community of artists at work or tour the interesting Tovrea Castle. Take amazing pictures of the sunrise in a hot air balloon ride over the desert or feel like you’re surrounded by fireflies at the Phoenix Art Museum. Cap off your interesting visit through Phoenix with a picture of the incredible Octobass for a unique addition to your Insta-feed. Consider visiting all of these Instagrammable spots in Phoenix for an exceptional tour of the area.  

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