Don’t move to Phoenix, AZ unless you love sunny days. Phoenix averages at least 300 days of sun every year, hence the nickname The Valley of the Sun. All those sunny days gives residents the opportunity to get out and enjoy nature or to grow some fantastic gardens. Sun is essential for happy living.

    Not convinced Phoenix is a fantastic place to live? Take a look at these pictures showing what life is like in Phoenix, AZ.

    1. Phoenix is located in The Sonoran Desert with mountains around.

    2. Salt River cuts through the middle of the city.

    3. Outdoor lovers flock to this city.

    4. Try biking one of the dozens of trails.

    5. Hike through the mountains.

    6. Be brave and go on a hot-air balloon ride.

    7. Or, just watch them take off in the early morning for a breathtaking experience.

    8. The city offers over 180 parks.

    9. Plus, there are 33,000 acres of desert preserves and 200 miles of trails.

    10. Check out the larger municipal park in the country, South Mountain Park.

    11. There are over 200 golf courses in the area.

    12. Phoenix also loves the arts.

    13. Check out the Heard Museum to see Hispanic and Native American cultures.

    14. Phoenix loves performing arts as well, such as dance.

    15. Phoenix also has some authentic Mexican cuisine.

    16. Fried rattlesnake is a thing, y’all.

    17. Try Rustler’s Rooste, a Western-style saloon.

    18. Country bands and live music brings people out to dance.

    19. Taco trucks are on basically every corner.

    20. You’ll be shocked by the number of drive-thrus in Phoenix.

    21. To live in Phoenix, you have to love coffee.

    22. Cafes are everywhere, like the Cartel Coffee Lab.

    23. Festivals happen all the time.

    24. The Cinco de Mayo festival is the biggest festival in Phoenix each year.

    25. Don’t forget the nightlife with tons of clubs.

    26. Getting around town is super easy with The Light Rail.

    27. It’s clean, safe, and very affordable, great when you head out with friends.

    28. Life in Phoenix is pretty awesome

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    Top Photo: AZDew

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