Outdoor showers are the pinnacle of a luxury that can easily be added to homes. Installing an outdoor shower can be made purely for function, relaxation, or both. Consider these elements in how to design a luxe outdoor shower space:


    Choosing the right shower head for an outdoor shower can be vital to the curation of an upscale experience at home. Incorporate the ultimate in gratification with a showerhead that will mimic a gentle rainstorm from overhead. There are many options that include rain-like properties in a wide variety of finishes in order to perfectly match any luxe outdoor shower area. If you really want to create an unforgettable outdoor shower experience, consider adding a waterfall element in order to relax even more.

    Privacy Matters

    One of the most important things when choosing to design an outdoor shower is involving elements of privacy into the space. Some homeowners may already live in a secluded area where privacy isn’t needed but most homes will need some variation of privacy for an outdoor shower. Consider using different privacy options like natural wood walls or placing the outdoor shower near a dense row of hedges. Consider how you will use the space, If you only plan to use your outdoor shower after swimming then you probably don’t need much privacy as you’ll still be in a swimsuit. Additional privacy composes an outdoor space as a relaxing retreat, cultivating a feeling of exclusivity that is central to an epicurean experience.

    Elements of Nature

    Tying in natural elements into an outdoor shower is easy given the location of the space. Consider the natural areas of your yard when choosing the location of your outside shower to ensure that it will not only be comfortable but flows with the pre existing elements of your space. Such options include building a shower area around the trunk of a mature tree or even incorporating potted plants or bamboo to create a natural barrier for even more extra privacy.  One current design trend to consider is to make a statement with a living garden wall to give your shower a luscious touch.

    Keep Your Grip

    Many outdoor showers feature concrete footing with a drain but that option can quickly pool areas of water making for a less than ideal experience. Consider raising the footing of your outdoor shower by building up a base made of wood, stone, or flat rocks. Not only do these elements add a luxury look to a shower design, it will also allow for bare feet to feel comfortable and at ease while using an outdoor shower. A raised platform will also help in draining water and keeping toes out of pools of muddy water. Make sure to plan for platforms that are safe when wet in order to keep slips at a minimum.

    Insulate For Year Round Use

    Homeowners who live on lakes, rivers, or the ocean would appreciate a shower that is available year round for washing off sandy feet. Consider insulating your outdoor shower fixture in order to be able to use it all throughout the winter to keep feet clean after a morning walk on the beach. Installing an outdoor shower that is attached to the exterior of the home will help in keeping pipes warm with little insulation needed. Keeping sand and dirt outside is an added bonus of creating a luxe outdoor shower space.

    Consider Extras

    The best outdoor showers are all about the extra features. Consider including a natural seating option, like a wood bench or cedar stool in order to relax and really enjoy the time spent in an outdoor shower. If you want to create the ultimate lavish experience, consider adding extra items like built in body sprays that will help to massage muscles and provide a full body shower calm down.  Make sure to also include ample areas for soft, fresh towels nearby your outdoor shower to finish off the ultimate in a luxe outdoor shower experience.

    There are many different design options to include when trying to create an elegant outdoor shower experience. Consider adding natural elements of privacy as well as using plants (try using native plants for low maintenance) in order to finish off the overall feel of an outdoor shower. An elevated platform, luxe showerhead, and insulating your shower are important for year round use. Finish off your outdoor shower with plenty of extras to provide a luxurious outdoor shower experience.

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