There are plenty of reasons to decorate your outdoor space with DIY backyard projects that you can easily do at home. Choosing a rustic theme is the perfect blend of shabby and chic to withstand the outdoor elements. Creating rustic décor for your outdoor space is just one creative way to decorate your outdoor living space. Check out these projects that you can easily make yourself to add some rustic décor beauty to your outdoor area:

    Pallet Flag

    You may have seen this project all around town and there is a reason why they are so popular! Pallet flags not only show pride in our country but also add beautiful color to a green space. Pick up a pallet from a store in town or ask some friends who may have some connections. Pick up small sampler cans of red, white, and blue paint along with a paintbrush or two. Paint the pallet to look like an American flag with red and white stripes along with a blue box in the top left hand corner. Add a few white stars and you’ve got yourself an outdoor flag that won’t tear in the wind and will look even more fabulous as it ages!

    Garage Sale Treasures

    The beauty of creating rustic outdoor décor is that the items that you add don’t have to be perfect. In fact, the more beat up they are the better. Consider things that garage sale fanatics would be selling that will add beauty to your outdoor space. Anything metal that can be sanded or wood that is aged would be great additions to a rustic outdoor space. Pick items that are a little bit beat up for a better price or age newer looking pieces with sandpaper, dark stain, or even crackle paint.

    Wood, Wood and More Wood

    Nothing says rustic like aged wood items for your outdoor space. Look around your house for wood items that are just collecting dust in the corner. Consider hanging antique wood tools and old picture frames on the outside of you home to create an overall rustic feel. If you don’t have any old wood consider buying new pieces of wood and making them look old with ageing techniques. Create a wood welcome sign or even a planter box that is sturdy and yet looks like it belonged to Grandma many years ago.

    Aged Pots and Planters

    Don’t throw out that cracked pot just yet. Simply leave the crack but seal the edging in order to use the pot for a classic rustic look. Chipped, scuffed, or dented planter pots are perfect for a rustic outdoor space. Plant flowers in different colors to add even more beauty and interest as well as create contrast between the flowers and the old looking planter. Give those chipped or broken pots a second chance with different variations in a rustic themed outdoor space.

    Muted Welcome Wreath

    The overall color for a rustic outdoor space involves more muted and natural tones of brown, tan, and white. Consider making a rustic wreath for your door hanging out of wheat stalks, branches, or even brown yarn. Add a few natural accents to the wreath like a white flower or even a cream colored bow to tie together the old and rustic look in your outdoor living space.

    There are many DIY projects that you can easily create at home for a rustic outdoor space. Create a pallet flag to decorate the yard or hang some old wood tools or picture frames for a cozy look. Consider adding a natural colored welcome wreath to the front door as well as give some new life to old looking things that are destined for the trash. Look around your home for items that can be easily transformed into rustic decorations for your outdoor space with just a little bit of sandpaper and some imagination.